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If you are a foreign citizen and need healthcare during a temporary visit to Russia, our English-speaking medical staff is always ready to help you. The doctors are proficient English users so it will not take you any effort to explain something or describe symptoms. Here you will be offered a number of checkups, tests and ultrasound scans. You are welcome to visit us.

About us

9†months clinic is known for delivering high-quality healthcare since its founding in September 2011. Our professional team has good experience specializing in obstetrics, gynaecology and paediatrics. We provide excellence in treatment during pregnancy, motherhood and childhood. What is more, there are profile specialists who perform full medical examinations and health screens.

In our clinic you will be able to access professional medical care combined with comfort and hospitality.

Our first visitors usually become regular customers who further recommend us to their family and friends. It encourages our constant growth.

Our specialists

Golovanova S.YU.

Obstetrician/ gynaecologist,
Adult hematologist

Appointment fee: 2300 Rubles

Medical services and English-speaking
health providers

Obstetrician/ gynaecologist

Planning for pregnancy

Prenatal care

Ultrasound scan and checkups

High quality
medical services

Our certified specialists follow strict guidelines according to the highest standards of medical care and quality control.

Therefore we tend to achieve positive results in treatment.

Expert class

Ultrasound scans are performed on Voluson ultrasonic equipment which is considered to be the most advanced obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound machine in the world.

The effective diagnosis allows us to get high-precision images in the study of our patients.

Deserved trust
and convenience

We observe thousands of patients annually in our clinic. 14 % of the customers learn about us in advertisements, while other 86 % apply to our clinic on the recommendation of their friends and relatives!
The atmosphere we create leaves a favourable impression on visitors.

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Prospekt Pobedy St. 152/33

Mayakovskogo St. 30